3 types of serious scandals that turn YG into the worst Kpop company according to K-netizens: 3 controversies over distortion of history within a year

Amidst the time when the attention of the Korean public is pouring into the controversy of “Snowdrop”, Korean netizens decide to review 3 types of notorious scandals that involve YG artists within the past 10 years. As for other entertainment companies, the scope of most scandals is only within the entertainment industry. However, as for YG, quite a few artists of this company have been entangled in severe scandals beyond the entertainment world.

YG Entertainment the worst Kpop company

Drug crime

G-Dragon (Big Bang)

Time: 2011

Alleged crime: Suspicion of smoking marijuana

Outcome: Suspension of prosecution

Park Bom (2NE1)

Time: 2014

Alleged crime: Suspected illegal drug use, smuggling Amphetamine

Outcome: Suspension of prosecution

Stylist Yang Gaeng

Time: 2016

Alleged crime: Suspicion of smoking marijuana and cocaine

Outcome: 2 years, 6 months in prison, 3 years of probation

T.O.P (Big Bang)

Time: 2017

Alleged crime: Suspicion of smoking marijuana

Outcome: 10 months in prison, 2 years of probation

Producer Kush

Time: March 2019

Alleged crime: Suspicion of smoking cocaine 

Outcome: 2 years, 6 months in prison, 4 years of probation

B.I (iKON)

Time: June 2019

Alleged crime: Suspicion of smoking marijuana and using LSD

Outcome: Not available yet

YG Entertainment the worst Kpop company

Sex crime

Yang Hyun Suk – founder and former CEO of YG Entertainment, got involved in a series of accusations from prostitution, sexual hospitality to sexual violence. Moreover, when the shocking case of Burning Sun was brought to light, Seungri (Big Bang) had to face various charges including embezzlement, illegal gambling, prostitution,… Earlier in August of this year, Korean media reported that Seungri was sentenced to 3 years in prison and fined 1.15 billion won. His profile was also included in the list of national sex offenders. 

YG Entertainment the worst Kpop company

Distortion of history 

“Mr.Queen” (tvN) – YG participated in the production

During its broadcast from December 2020 to February 2021, “Mr. Queen” constantly stumbled into many accusations of distorting history, mocking historical records about King Cheol Jong. Besides, “Mr. Queen” contains numerous details that were considered disrespectful of the  rituals worshiping ancestors at Jongmyo Temple – a cultural heritage of Korea.

YG Entertainment the worst Kpop company

By the end of March this year, videos of “Mr. Queen” officially disappeared from all online video sharing platforms in Korea such as Naver, YouTube,… when CJ and tvN were forced to remove all traces of this drama under overwhelming pressure from the public. In addition, the female lead Shin Hye Sun was also canceled by many brands and sponsors because of her controversial leading role.

“Joseon Exorcist” (SBS) – YG participated in the production

YG Entertainment the worst Kpop company

Not only produced by YG, “Joseon Exorcist” and “Mr.Queen” also have the same screenwriter, Park Gye Ok.  The wave of boycott “Joseon Exorcist” began when the audience discovered a series of Chinese food and props appearing in a Korean historical drama.  Besides, “Joseon Exorcist” is also accused of defaming Korean greats such as describing King Se Jeong as a ruthless killer.

“Joseon Exorcist” was suspended indefinitely after the first 2 episodes in March of this year after sponsors all ran away and a large number of Korean viewers signed a petition sent to the Blue House.  The cast of “Joseon Exorcist” later had to write a letter of apology to assuage public outrage.

“Snowdrop” (JTBC) – Jisoo (BLACKPINK) plays the lead role;  Yoo In Ah, Jung Hye Young play supporting roles

Most recently, “Snowdrop” was accused of distorting Korean history during the 1987 democracy struggle. Before the drama was released, Korean audiences expressed concern about sensitive details in the Snowdrop’s storyline such as spy, National Security Agency,…. In response, JTBC stated that this is purely a fantasy drama revolving around the love story of the male and female lead.

YG Entertainment the worst Kpop company

What makes “Snowdrop” more hated than the two dramas mentioned above is the fact that JTBC still decided to continue broadcasting the drama despite 300,000 signatures that have been sent to the Blue House as well as the outrage of the martyrs’ families, living witnesses of that period. The airing date of the next episode is fast approaching and Koreans are doing everything they can to get “Snowdrop” banned, including filing a lawsuit with the Seoul Court as well as the citizen portal operated by the National Interests Commission.

Television stations have begun to report on the scandal of distorting the history of “Snowdrop”

Korean netizens’ comments after synthesizing YG’s scandals: 

  • “Is it an entertainment company or the center of social evils ㅇㅇ”, 
  • “Artists and companies are equally obnoxious”, 
  • “Snowdrop” has tons of YG artists. BLACKPINK Jisoo, Yoo In Ah, Jung Hye Young…”, 
  • “Drugs, prostitution, country-selling… Woa…”, 
  • Don’t listen to YG music in the future”, 
  • “In the past, YG was my favorite company in BIG 3. But since Burning Sun, I have decided not to buy any products of this company’s artists.” 
  • “No matter how scandalous other companies are, they can’t compare to YG. How can any other company get caught up in drugs, sex crimes and country-selling?”,
  • “A company that sells the whole country for money ㅋㅋ”, 
  • “It’s not wrong to call it a country-selling company. All three recent historical distortions in the film industry are related to YG”,…  .

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