Dating confirmed, Lee Jong Suk’s ideal type has always obviously been IU? 

Amid dating news between IU and Lee Jong Suk, past remarks of Lee Jong Suk are being brought up by netizens. 

On December 31st, Dispatch exclusively reported that IU and Lee Jong Suk went on a date on the day of Christmas. According to reports, the two enjoyed a quiet Christmas holiday for 2 nights and 3 days at the luxurious resort “Aman Nemu” in Nagoya, Japan. 

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Lee Jong Suk’s agency has since confirmed the relationship, and asked for support from fans and the public. As a result, many netizens showed interest in the couple and re-examined the ideal type of Lee Jong Suk, which the actor mentioned in the past. 

In particular, back in February, a video titled “Ask Me Anything’ Interview with Lee Jong Suk #BigMouth | ELLE Korea” was published on the official YouTube channel of fashion magazine Elle Korea. 

Here, Lee Jong Suk gave answers to questions fans were curious about, and confessed his ideal type. 

In response to the question, “What would you like to do if you could rest for a long time?”, he answered “Take Groom Classes?” and thrilled fans. Then, the actor added, “When I look back, I said that I want to get married when I’m still young in my interviews from my 20s. So if I could take some time off for a long time, and now that I’m at the age where marriage is not so weird anymore, it might be good to take groom classes to feel prepared.”

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The actor also showed his sweet side by saying, “I don’t know but I feel like I have this admiration towards creating a family. So some classes that may be included might be cooking, or maybe massage classes that I can learn for my future wife. Classes that would help me create a happy family”

In a later question, Lee Jong Suk described his ideal type as, “Someone wise and strong-minded” whom he “can respect”, and “mostly, someone who is cute.” 

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When Lee Jong Suk’s remarks were re-examined, a lot of netizens paid keen interest, and left comments such as “His ideal type is obviously IUand “There was a reason why his ideal type was so specific”. 

Source: Insight 

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