Lee Jung Suk was once embroiled in rumors of discord with IU due to disagreement over MC costumes 

They made up afterwards and were revealed to be dating just recently.

Around 2012, Lee Jong Suk and IU collaborated as MCs of the music show Inkigayo from which the rumors of their “difficult” relationship spread far and wide. In 2013, aware of the situation, an MC asked a question about their relationship at that time. 

lee jong suk iu dating

In response to the rumors, Lee Jong Suk confessed there were moments he could not get along with IU and that they did not talk a single word off-camera due to personality differences. 

In addition, the “Pinocchio” star elaborated Inkigayo was a children-targeted program, hence, the outfits and expressions had to be “one-dimensional” to appeal to the demographic. While the actor disliked the idea, IU proposed they dress up as Peter Pan. After talking to the writer, the actor eventually went with it. 

lee jong suk iu dating

At the time, Lee Jong Suk admitted: “She has a cute image, but back then I didn’t like her very much. I didn’t want to talk to her about it, but when I was stepping down, I became sad. I guess we grew fondness for each other by fighting, it may sound weird, but that’s what happened.”

lee jong suk 2022 mbc drama awards

After parting ways, Lee Jong Suk deliberately contacted IU to express his concern: 

Lee Jong Suk: “Why did you do that? You knew I didn’t like to do those types of things.”

IU:  “Oppa, you cheated and even talked to the writer about it.”

Just recently, the news of IU and Lee Jong Suk’s dating was out to the public. 

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