Kang Sora announced to get married 3 years after breaking up with Hyun Bin

On the afternoon of August 17, Kang So-ra posted a handwritten letter on her official fan cafe announcing the wedding news. She wrote, “I want to announce that I am going to get married at the end of August.”

 At the same time, Kang So-ra added, “I met a good person whom I want to share my life with in the future. I will continue to work hard, so I would be very grateful if you guys continue to support me.”

 Soon after, her agency also confirmed the above information.

“Hello. This is Plum Actors.

We are announcing some news regarding actress Kang Sora.

Plum Actors’ actress Kang Sora and her older non-celebrity boyfriend, based on their trust and love for one another, have decided to tie the knot.

The wedding was originally scheduled for August 29, but the ceremony has been canceled due to the COVID-19 situation worsening again. The ceremony will be replaced by a small gathering between the couple and their direct families.

In consideration of the non-celebrity groom-to-be and each side’s family, all details will be kept private, so we ask for the reporters’ understanding.

Kang Sora will continue to greet all of you as an actress with good projects and activities.

Please send support and blessings to actress Kang Sora, who is facing a new beginning in her life.

Thank you.”

Back in November 2016, Kang Sora and Hyun Bin announced they were dating. They met for work but began to develop feelings for each other. Because they were in a relationship for not long, the two were very cautious when publishing their dating news. At the end of 2017, after a year together, Hyun Bin and his junior officially broke up, making the public regret their love story.

Sources: soompi

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