2PM Ok Taekyeon congratulated Chansung on his marriage and fiancee’s pregnancy, “I support you no matter what path you will walk on”

2PM Ok Taek-yeon congratulated Hwang Chan-sung on his marriage.

On the afternoon of December 15th, Ok Taek-yeon commented under Hwang Chan-sung’s official SNS post and sent a congratulatory message to Chansung’s wedding announcement. Ok Taek-yeon said, “Our maknae Chansungie. No matter what path you walk on, I will always support you and stay by your side. Congratulation, and I sincerely wish you happiness! I love you.”

Hwang Chan-sung announced on his official SNS this afternoon and personally delivered to fans the news that he and his longtime girlfriend were planning to get married early next year. His soon-to-be wife is in the early stage of her pregnancy. As a result, Hwang Chan-sung will be the first to get married among 2PM members, even though he is the youngest.

2PM Ok Taekyeon Chansung

Hwang Chan-sung explained, “While preparing and planning my marriage with this person after I got discharged from the military, the blessing of a new life came to us earlier than expected. Therefore, we are planning to get married as early as the beginning of next year. Since my partner is in the early stage of her pregnancy, we are very cautious. However, I’m telling you this news because I think I should let you know this first. The person who will be my wife and my family is not doing the same job as me, I hope you will understand that I won’t reveal her identity.”

Hwang Chan-sung will leave JYP Entertainment, the company that has been accompanying him for the past 15 years. He said, “My contract will expire in January next year. Having a new family by my side, I want to go down my own path, so I went through mutual discussion with the company and reached the decision not to renew my contract.”

2PM Ok Taekyeon Chansung

Fans are showing mixed reactions as Hwang Chan-sung, who is currently an idol loved by many fans around the world, suddenly announced 4 news, including dating, marriage, first child, and contract’s expiration, at the same time without even informing them of his romantic relationship beforehand.

However, since the 1990-born idol Chansung has never deceived fans because he openly revealed that he is in a relationship through Lovestagram and that he has planned to marry a lover who he has been seriously dating for a long time, he eventually received more congratulations than criticism. He also confessed, “Since I have delivered too much news today, I’m really worried about how Hottest (2PM’s fandom) might feel hearing these sudden news.”

2PM Ok Taekyeon Chansung

Hwang Chan-sung debuted as a member of JYP Entertainment’s boy group 2PM in 2008. After actively working as a singer and actor, he joined the military and was discharged in January this year. After his military discharge, Chansung and 2PM members made their comeback with a full album called “MUST”, showing their appearance as a whole group for the first time after 5 years.

In addition, Chansung decided to continue his activities with 2PM even after his marriage. Hwang Chan-sung promised, “There is no detailed plan yet, but I will deliver the news that won’t worry fans”. Ok Taek-yeon still promoted with 2PM this year even after moving to 51K company in 2018. Therefore, it is expected that Hwang Chan-sung will do the same after he finds a new company.

Hwang Chan-sung is starring in Channel A’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Show Window: The Queen’s House”.

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