2PM Chansung announced marriage and his fianceé’s pregnancy

The male singer also revealed that he won’t renew his contract with JYP.

This morning, male singer Chansung of the group 2PM announced that he and his longtime girlfriend were about to get married. Notably, Chansung revealed that his wife-to-be is pregnant with their first child, the couple is about to become parents.

In his letter, Chansung shared: “I began activities when I was 17, and 15 years have passed already. A lot has happened, and there have been many memories. I express endless gratitude to HOTTEST who have created valuable memories. Today, I am telling you about changes and happiness in my life.”

“There is someone who I have been in a relationship with for a long time. This person has been the resting place for my unstable heart and a friend who I can share anything with for a long time, and she became my girlfriend. While preparing and planning marriage with this person after my military discharge, the blessing of a new life came to us earlier than expected, and we are planning to get married as early as the beginning of next year.” – he added. 

2PM Chansung announced marriage

Chansung added, “Because my partner is in the early stage of her pregnancy, we are very cautious. However, since I thought it’s important to let you know, I’m sharing this big news.” 

2PM Chansung announced marriage

In the long handwritten letter, Chansung also revealed that his contract with JYP will expire in January next year. After the discussion, Chansung and JYP decided not to extend the contract: “Having a new family by my side, I want to go down my own path, so I went through a mutual discussion with the company and reached the decision to not renew my contract”.

Additionally, JYP confirmed that aside from the expiration of Chansung’s contract, the contracts of other 2PM members are still valid.

2PM Chansung announced marriage
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