2PM Chan-sung to become a husband and a dad at the same time, following EXO Chen and iKON Bobby’s footsteps

2PM Chan-sung announced his marriage and the pregnancy of his girlfriend at the same time, adding another news of K-Pop idols’ premarital pregnancy, following EXO Chen and iKON Bobby. 

Chan-sung said on his Instagram on Dec 15th, “While preparing and planning for our marriage after I was discharged from the military, a new life blessing came to us earlier than expected, and I am thinking of getting married as early as next year. I’m being very careful because she is still in the early stages of pregnancy, but I’m telling you the news because I think I should be the first one to let you guys know about this,” he said. 

2PM Chansung

Prior to Chan-sung, Chen and Bobby also confessed to pre-marital pregnancy. Chen, who announced his marriage and his girlfriend’s pregnancy on his official fan cafe in January last year, later held a first birthday party for his child at a hotel in April. Recently, he even announced the news of his second child. When he first revealed his premarital pregnancy, he had had to face strong opposition from fans, including demands for him to leave EXO, but it later calmed down due to Chen’s handwritten letters and the support from EXO members.

2PM Chansung

Bobby became a father a month after announcing that he would have a new family in August. He apologized to fans, saying, “I should have informed you of the news earlier. I’m sorry for the delay because I was hesitant with many worries”. Despite some fans’ frustration, Bobby is still carrying out various music activities and building his career as a rapper.

2PM Chansung

Fans often turn their backs on idol singers as they think idols’ marriage and pregnancy announcements might interfere with their group activities. The fact that there was a time when idols had to withdraw from their groups just because of dating has proved that idol stars’ private life issues like this can hurt fans seriously. However, there have been several examples of idols receiving positive responses, like Big Bang Taeyang, who married Min Hyo-rin and recently became a father. Fans’ responses indeed depend on whether the stars show responsible attitudes or not. Attention is currently focused on whether Chansung will be able to continue his career as a 2PM member and an actor.

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