Kim Hye Soo Opens Up About the Lonely Struggles of Acting and Contemplating Retirement

On March 16th, a video titled “Kim Hye Soo visits Song Yoon Ah with a bundle of compliments” was uploaded on the Youtube channel “by PDC”.

kim hye soo the queen's umbrella

The video shows Kim Hye Soo visiting Jeju Island to meet Song Yoon Ah and sharing sincere talks. Kim Hye Soo told Song Yoon Ah, “I missed you so much. I just finished the drama filming last week”.

Recalling tvN’s Sat-Sun drama “Under the Queen’s Umbrella”, which ended in December last year, Kim Hye Soo said, “I worked very hard for the drama. For 9 months, I didn’t do or see anything. All I did was concentrate on my script. To be honest, it was a struggle”.

She sincerely confessed, “The best part was once the filming was over, I don’t have to stay up memorizing my lines”.

kim hye soo

Kim Hye Soo continued, “I’m not someone who wants to live 100 years. But for this project, the 9 months felt like 3 years for me. Like I aged 3 years while filming”, adding “I did not regret anything. It was the best I could do at that time”.

The actress then mentioned her thoughts of retiring. She shared, “It was actually a lonely journey and a lonely battle. There were times when I wanted to give up. I thought, ‘It’s time for me to quit’, ‘I can’t go on like this’, etc.”, adding “But even so, the audience will think ‘She’s Kim Hye Soo, she’s can pull it off’. I’m not too harsh on my self but I must admit, it was lonely”.

Source: Wikitree

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