The reason why fans couldn’t welcome the news of Chen expecting his second child

Although this was supposed to be a blessing, many EXO fans expressed their disappointment saying they couldn’t accept the news because of Chen’s response.

The reason why fans couldn't welcome the news of Chen expecting his second child

EXO Chen announced his marriage with his non-celebrity girlfriend in January last year through a handwritten letter. In addition, he indirectly mentioned the news of his girlfriend’s pregnancy. One year later, Chen reported his wife’s pregnancy of their second child. The news of his wife’s pregnancy could be a blessing to Chen before he enlisted in the military. However, have fans been ready to welcome this news as a good thing?

On November 16th, it was reported that Chen‘s wife had been pregnant with their second child. Compared to when he announced his wife’s pregnancy through a handwritten letter a year ago, Chen’s response this time was quite different.

“I have a girlfriend whom I want to spend the rest of my life with. I was worried and concerned about many situations that would happen because of this decision. However, since I wanted to announce this a little bit earlier so that my members, my company, and especially fans, who have been supporting me, wouldn’t be shocked by this sudden news, I had discussed it with the company and all members. Then, a blessing came to me.”

The reason why fans couldn't welcome the news of Chen expecting his second child

Chen wrote that in his handwritten letter back on January 13th, 2020. The news of a new life that came must have been a blessing for Chen. However, it was like a bolt out of the blue to fans. Chen is an idol. Idols are meant to have an ideal existence.

The reason why fans couldn't welcome the news of Chen expecting his second child

People tend to imitate idols. The status and influence of Korean idols are growing day by day. The first generation idol – H.O.T attracted the public with music and dance. Thanks to the development of SNS, communication between idols and fans and the influence of idols has also increased significantly. Therefore, the outcome is now not limited to the artistic aspect but goes beyond to include the idols’ entire private life.

Staff of EXO said, “Before officially announcing Chen’s marriage, he had spent time discussing with EXO members, and all EXO members expressed their desire to be together in the future since they had suffered the pain of having members leaving the group in the past”. This was to prevent the pregnancy of Chen‘s wife from becoming a big issue.

Reversing the situation was not an easy thing to do. Chen‘s announcement of his second child sparked confusion within the fandom. Some EXO fans even raised funds to put on newspaper ads and protested to urge Chen‘s withdrawal from the group.

The reason why fans couldn't welcome the news of Chen expecting his second child

Chen remained silent for the whole time and only spoke up right before his enlistment. In addition, he didn’t even mention fans’ opinions. Chen said, “During my military service period, I will do my best to stay healthy physically and mentally so that I can greet you with a more mature appearance. I hope you all will stay as beautiful and healthy as you are now.”

After Chen enlisted in the military, people could hardly hear any news from him for a while. In April this year, only photos of the first birthday party of Chen‘s first daughter at a five-star hotel were released. After the photos were publicized, a rumor claiming Chen‘s wife’s pregnancy with their second child this summer was spread on online communities and SNS sites. In fact, it didn’t take long before the rumor was confirmed to be true.

An alerting bell for fans who were fantasizing about idols rang once again. This is considered a blessing that fans couldn’t welcome. Perhaps the reason why many fans couldn’t smile when receiving the news was because of the way Chen didn’t release any letter to inform them.

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