SM confirms EXO’s Chen will welcome second baby

SM said, “EXO Chen’s wife is pregnant with their second child”. 

On November 16th, an official of SM Entertainment told DongA.com that Chen’s wife was pregnant with their second child.

sm entertainment

Chen admitted to his girlfriend’s premarital pregnancy in January last year by directly announcing his marriage to his non-celebrity girlfriend. And in April of that year, he was able to hold his first daughter in his arms. At that time, some fans reacted negatively after Chen’s announcement of marriage and pregnancy, and there were calls for him to leave the group.

exo chen

However, EXO members wrapped up the situation by expressing their intention through their agency, saying “We want to be with Chen as always.” Chen also said, “I was very sad to see many people disappointed and hurt by my insufficient sudden but unintentional words. I sincerely appreciate the love you have given me so far, and I know better than anyone else that I am who I am now because of this love. I’m sorry again for delivering my apology to you too late,” he apologized and comforted his fans.

Chen went to the military training center in October last year 6 months after his wife delivered their daughter. He is the fourth EXO member to join the military after Xiumin, D.O., and Suho. He is still doing his duty for the nation and is expected to be discharged next spring.

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