Evidence to prove that those who accused IU of plagiarism are wrong, “The original composers responded that…” 

A video refuting the plagiarism allegation against singer IU was recently released.

On May 10th, the Youtube channel “Edelweiss IU” uploaded a video comparing six songs of IU (“The Red Shoes”, “Good Day”, “BBIBBI”, “Pitiful”, “Boo”, and “Celebrity”) that are accused of plagiarism and the original songs claimed by the accuser. 

First of all, regarding “Celebrity” (2021) being suspected of plagiarising Lee Sang Eun’s “Something in the air” (2010), the Youtuber took the melodies of songs, such as Midnight Kids’s “Last Time” (2020), Justin Bieber’s “Habitual” (2020) and Eugene’s “Cha Cha” (2003), as examples to refute the plagiarism allegation, saying “Did the other songs that came out later plagiarized the Eugene’s song?”.

Comparing the chord progression of “Celebrity” with “Something in the air” chord progression, ‘Edelweiss IU’ said, “They may sound similar but the chords are clearly different. The remaining five songs can also be refuted in a similar way”.

They continued, “The other five songs were not composed by IU. So why did the complainant report IU, who just sang the songs, and not report the composers? Their purpose is not to achieve justice. They just wanted to defame IU’s reputation by reporting her to police”, mentioning a group of haters who tried to harass IU.

‘Edelweiss IU’ revealed, “They created a rumor that she plagiarized 52 songs and spammed hateful comments against IU on the official trailer of the movie starring IU. They also distributed flyers accusing IU of being a North Korean spy. Even after all these attempts, they eventually filed a police complaint. In the past, they also raised suspicions of plagiarism with the song ‘Give You My Heart’ and ‘Love Poem’. However, when the original composers of both songs refuted them all so the haters ran away and deleted their comments”.


Regarding the accusation, IU’s side issued a statement on the 10th, saying “We gathered evidence related to the plagiarism accusation as well as collected espionage rumors, sexual harassment & defamation, distribution of false information, invasion of privacy, and other related matters, and filed a complaint with the investigative agency through our legal representative.”

Source: Wikitree

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