“Reborn Rich” Lee Sung Min shared his love story: “My wife approached me first, I couldn’t afford to marry her then”

“Reborn Rich” actor Lee Sung Min revealed his love story with his wife on the tvN’s entertainment show “Yoo Quiz On the Block.”

On tvN’s entertainment show “Yoo Quiz on the Block,” which aired on Jan 25th, Lee Sung Min talked about his love story from the first time he met his wife, who majored in dance, to their wedding.

Lee Sung Min

About his first time meeting his wife, Lee Sung Min said, “I needed a choreographer because there was a scene where I had to dance in my performance,” adding, “My wife choreographed a dance and came to see my performance every day. I have to pay her the choreography fee, which was why I thought, ‘Is she here for the money?‘” makign everyone laugh.

He then continued, “We were talking as I invited her out for a meal, but my wife asked me, ‘Can I contact you often?’ I said I couldn’t get married, saying I couldn’t afford it, but things changed a year later,” he added.

Lee Sung Min

Lee Sung Min also recalled when he first heard of his wife’s pregnancy. “We couldn’t afford to go on a honeymoon, so we got married in Daegu and went to Gyeongju for our honeymoon,” he said. “We conceived our child on our honeymoon, but we couldn’t afford to be happy. We had no money. Even though we could endure the difficulties, we couldn’t make the child suffer,” he said, expressing his heavy heart at the time.

Source: Tenasia

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