Kwang Hee, “After getting botox and fillers, I can’t move the parts around my mouth”

Kwang Hee showed up on “Radio Star” and revealed that he underwent a medical procedure. 

MBC’s entertainment program “Radio Star” aired the special episode “Paper Doll’s House” on January 25th.

Kwang Hee, Hwang Soo Kyung, Joo Woo Jae, and Bam Bam appeared on the broadcast and shared various stories.

radio star

Seeing Kwang Hee constantly exploding with excitement on the show, Kim Gu Ra said, “Kwang Hee is normally not an energetic person. He’s forcing himself to do it”.

Kim Gu Ra then asked Kwang Hee, “It looks a little weird and awkward around your mouth. What did you do?”. Surprised by the sudden question, Kwang Hee confessed, “You’re sharp. I got botox and fillers but put in too much, so the parts around my mouth don’t move”, drawing laughter. 

Source: Nate

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