BLACKPINK Jennie and Jisoo were completely flabbergasted at this Korean tattoo

A fan left BLACKPINK members completely shell-shocked after revealing her tattoo in Korean. 

BLACKPINK, who recently made a comeback with their 2nd full album “Born Pink”, is currently conducting their “BORN PINK World Tour” 2022. 

blackpink jennie jisoo

Even at concerts, in front of tens of thousands of spectators, the members of BLACKPINK always show a professional appearance. However, even them cannot contain their shock upon seeing the action of this fan.  

In particular, on November 15th (local time), a Mexican fan of BLACKPINK posted several photos and a short video on her Instagram. 

blackpink jennie fan

In the released video, the members of BLACKPINK can be seen leaving work after a world tour performance at the Prudential Center in the US. They were exuding a cozy atmosphere by greeting each fan that waited for them. 

In the midst of this, the Mexican fans grabbed the attention of BLACKPINK Jisoo and Jennie by calling Jennie’s name. She then lifted up her top and showed off a tattoo. 

blackpink fan

“I tattooed your name in Korean here. Only for you, It’s real”, the fan said. 

Upon noticing this, Jennie’s eyes widened, showing her shock. Meanwhile, Jisoo, who was next to Jennie, thought the tattoo was fake and made a gesture as if trying to erase it with saliva while smiling. 

Then, Lisa and Rosé, who discovered the scene belatedly, shouted “Oh my god” over and over again in surprise. 

blackpink jennie jisoo

The aforementioned fan also released a photo of her tattoo, which is the words “Jennie Kim” in Korean on the lower part of her chest. 

On the other hand, the cute reactions of BLACKPINK members have become a hot topic in Korean and Taiwan, with fans enthusiastically cheering. 


At the same time, BLACKPINK is still maintaining their popularity with their 2nd album “Born Pink” topping the Billboard main album chart “Billboard 200”, making them the first Kpop girl group to attain such an achievement. The album has since stayed on the chart for 7 weeks in a row. 

Source: Insight

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