“You are destined to be a star,” 6 female idols who debuted after being cast on the street

Thanks to their unique atmosphere and splendid beauty, these stars caught the eyes of entertainment agencies while walking down the street. 

With gorgeous visuals that cannot be forgotten once you have seen them, many Kpop idols manage to catch the attention of people even without any embellishments. In addition, these stars are now also exuding their innate talents on stage, capturing the hearts and interests of all the people. 

Below are 6 female idols who are destined to be celebrities, and have entered the entertainment industry through street casting, stealing the spotlight whenever they go. 


BLACKPINK Jisoo, who was selected as World’s Most Beautiful Woman, caught the eye of an SM Entertainment employee. 

At the time, Jisoo, who was a trainee at YG Entertainment, went to an artist’s concert hall and was asked by an official from SM if she wanted to become a celebrity. 

Since Jisoo was already a trainee, she politely turned them down, and later debuted as the shining BLACKPINK member that we see today.

2. ITZY Yuna

ITZY member Yuna was approached by a recruiter from JYP Entertainment while attending a concert of boy group BtoB. 

In particular, Yuna discussed this event in a past broadcast, saying: “My older sister is a fan of BtoB, so we went to the 2015 year-end Kpop festival together. There were a lot of people, so I was looking for the road, when suddenly a woman saw me and gave me a business card. That’s how I auditioned.” 

Yuna, who showed an extraordinary talent as expected by the agency officials, eventually passed the audition and debuted as a member of ITZY.


BAE is reportedly the only member of NMIXX to join the group via street-casting. 

While she was in the 2nd year of middle school, BAE was going home with her friends and standing near the school’s back door, when she received a casting offer from a JYP Entertainment official.

According to the female idol, she passed the audition almost immediately after this opportunity, and went on to join JYP as a trainee. 

4. EXID Hani

Hani of the girl group EXID, who has recently been active as an actress, also made her debut as a singer after being cast on the street.

Hani herself shared that while on the way home from school with a friend, she received a business card from a recruiter and went to the audition with said friend. 

Unfortunately, the friend failed the audition, but Hani passed and started her career path.

Hani also revealed in a past radio program that she is still in contact with the friend who failed.

5. ITZY Ryujin

Another member of ITZY, Ryujin, was a fan of boy group GOT7, before she debuted as an idol. 

In particular, Ryujin caught the eye of a JYP official while attending a GOT7 concert in middle school, and exchanged contact information with the aforementioned recruiter. 

After that, Ryujin made a splendid debut as a member of ITZY. 

Hearing this, many people expressed their envy to Ryujin, who got to join the same agency with her idol, GOT7, and became a star.

6. TWICE Sana

Among the members of the idol group TWICE, Sana, who is from Japan, was casted in Osaka by JYP Entertainment officials.

At the time, Sana, who was in her third year of middle school, was asked if she knew JYP while shopping with her friends. She was then offered to become a singer, and ended up becoming a trainee. 

In 2015, Sana debuted as a member of TWICE, where she managed to capture the hearts of fans worldwide with her gorgeous features and cute charm.

Source: insight

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