Jimin makes his fall the highlight of the choreography in BTS’s latest concert

The extremely professional handling of BTS‘s Jimin when having a stage problem is receiving many compliments from the online community.

After more than two years of delaying the concert due to the epidemic, BTS has officially reunited with their hometown audience with Permission To Dance On Stage – Seoul since the last tour Love Yourself: Speak Yourself The Final in October 2019. This concert is held at Jamsil Olympic Stadium with a capacity of 15,000 people out of a total capacity of 70,000 for each concert night.


Permission To Dance On Stage – Seoul is the largest popular music concert in Korea held since the outbreak of the epidemic. The concert is divided into three nights with March 10th and March 13th being streamed, and the March 12th performance will be live-streamed and connected to cinemas so that fans around the world can enjoy the concert.


The first concert that took place on March 10th has received a lot of attention from the group’s fan community around the world. The 7 boys entertained fans with a series of hits as well as explosive and quality performances. It’s been a long time since they have last seen each other, so both BTS and fans are very excited and moved with every moment of the concert.


To ensure epidemic prevention measures, fans attending the concert are not allowed to cheer for their idols, but instead, they simultaneously clapped and cheered for BTS throughout the night. Despite the lack of cheers from fans, the boys still delivered excellent and enthusiastic performances, entertaining fans with a grand musical feast after many years of absence.


With its heat, the concert not only received the attention of the group’s fans but also attracted the attention of the entire Kpop fan community. Recently, the moment member Jimin with the extremely professional stage handling has become a hot topic that received many compliments from the public.

Jimin’s extremely professional stage handling

Specifically, while performing the song Black Swan, as the stage was too slippery, Jimin accidentally fell while performing the difficult choreography of the song. However, he quickly turned that fall into a highlight of his choreography, making the performance perfect without interruption.

BTS Jimin
Jimin makes the fall the highlight of the choreography

The quick and professional handling, without affecting the group performance of Jimin, has received countless compliments from the online community. People are both sorry for the painful fall of the BTS member and proud of the professionalism and dedication in Jimin’s performances.


Some netizens’ comments:

– Jimin is always professional on stage. I’m So proud.

– I’m so sorry for these boys, it was raining and slippery but they still gave their best with the performances.

– Honestly, I’ve watched Black Swan many times but now I don’t recognize it because Jimin handled it so naturally.

– Even though he fell, Jimin still handled it professionally and turned it into a new choreography, even during the concert Jimin almost fell a few times but still had great enthusiasm.

– It’s a pity he fell over, but he was very professional and made fans proud.

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