BJ Pyuri caused fans to worry as she screamed and suddenly ended her live broadcast in Itaewon last night

Concerns are growing as a female BJ was reported to have suddenly stopped her real-time live broadcast on the day the Itaewon crush disaster occurred.

A woman working under the name BJ Pyuri did a live broadcast with an acquaintance on the street of Itaewon, Seoul on the evening of October 29th. However, she reportedly suspended her broadcast after screaming that she was being pushed hard by other people. 

itaewon stampede

According to the livestream video, BJ Pyuri shouted “Hair, hair” as her hair got stuck while being pushed around on the crowded streets of Itaewon. 

Later, people here and there screamed “Don’t push” and BJ Pyuri also shouted as if she had lost her balance and the broadcast suddenly ended.

bj pyuri itaewon stampede

On BJ Pyuri’s website, fans are sending messages asking about her situation. Concerns are growing as there have been no more updates from the female BJs since the end of her live broadcast. 

On the other, some Internet users posted comments, saying “It was around 8 p.m when her livestream was suspended. It’s different from the time the disaster occured”, “Please say something if you’re safe”, etc. 

itaewon stampede

According to the fire authorities as of 10 a.m on October 30th, 151 people were killed in the massive crowd crush in Itaewon, and most of the victims were confirmed to be those in their 10s and 20s. 

Source: nate

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