“The accident happened right after famous BJs appeared”, said ‘Itaewon tragedy’ witnesses… The police are investigating the cause

As 149 people were killed in the stampede in Itaewon, Seoul on the evening of October 29th, the police are investigating the cause by analyzing CCTV footage at the time of the accident.

An investigation is expected to take place as some witnesses testified that the situation in Itaewon became chaotic due to the appearance of famous BJs.

itaewon stampede

According to a report by CBS Nocut News on October 30th, the police are investigating the cause of the “Halloween crushing disaster” that happened in Itaewon-dong, Yonsang-gu, on October 29th, believing that it was due to the flock of a large number of people gathering for the event festivals. 

While the investigation is underway, the police have also left open the possibility that the disaster might have been caused when people started falling down when the huge crowd suddenly gathered in a narrow alley of 4-5 meters. 

itaewon stampede

In particular, the police will also look into a series of testimonies that “people flocked to the narrow alley because famous BJs came to the scene, and shortly after then, the accident occurred”. These BJs are people who are working with activities on Internet sites. 

A police official said, “We focused on dealing with the accident until dawn. As soon as we finish this work, we will investigate the cause by analyzing CCTV records at the time of the accident.”

In response to the rumors that the crowd became chaotic due to his appearance, BJ Kei said through his AfreecaTV, “A lot of people are making comments saying that the accident occurred when many people gathered because of me. I’m sure those who watched my broadcast would understand, but some people are actually spreading unreasonable stories and false facts.”

Source: daum

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