Halloween stampede tragedy in Seoul: At least 149 people died

The death toll is rising as rescue operations are still underway.

According to Yonhap, as of 6 am on October 30 (local time), at least 149 people were killed in a stampede tragedy when a huge crowd jostled each other in Itaewon, Seoul to celebrate Halloween.

itaewon stampede
Rescue workers tried to save victims

Authorities said they received various calls from festivity attendees in Itaewon asking for help because they were suffering. Footage posted on social media shows some people being supported by rescue units and civilians at the scene.

itaewon stampede

South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol chaired an emergency meeting and ordered emergency medical teams to be dispatched to the scene to minimize casualties. Seoul Mayor Oh Se Hoon also immediately shortened his visit to 4 European countries to return home to handle the case. Authorities are investigating the exact cause of the incident.

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Source: kenh14

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