Luna, Ahn Seon-young, and Choi Hee commemorate the victims of the Itaewon disaster “It’s a very unfortunate accident”

Singer Luna and broadcasters Ahn Seon-young and Choi Hee expressed their condolences to the Itaewon disaster.

On the 30th, Luna posted a photo of her condolences on her own Instagram story, along with her caption, “Blessed be the deceased.”

luna itaewon

Ahn Sun-young also mourned the victims of the Itaewon disaster by uploading a photo with the phrase “PRAY FOR ITAEWON” on her Instagram story on the same day.

ahn sung young itaewon

Ahn Sun-young also said, “What kind of disaster is this?” and added, “How dare I console the sadness of the deceased, their bereaved families, and their friends who have become stars so absurd?” She continued, “It is in front of my neighborhood, where I have always walked often, from the time my child was in the womb until now and it is in front of a very familiar road, so my heart falls even more to the ends of the earth.”

choi hee itaewon

Choi Hee, through a social networking service (SNS) account, said, “It is a very unfortunate accident, it is really very sad and unbelievable.”

itaewon stampede

Meanwhile, on the night of the 29th, a large-scale crushing accident occurred in the middle of Itaewon, Yongsan-gu, Seoul. According to the fire department, as of 9:40 a.m. on the 30th, 151 people were dead and 82 people were injured (19 seriously, 63 people with minor injuries). It is estimated that the crushing accident occurred as a tragedy as many people flocked to Itaewon for the first ‘outdoor no-mask’ Halloween in three years.

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