BTS V and his father’s KakaoTalk messages became a hot topic on Korean online community

2022 is the year of the tiger. The star in the entertainment industry that comes to mind when we think of tigers is BTS V. Due to his strong facial features and charismatic performance, fans usually use the tiger emoji to express V.

There is another point of contact. Tigers are known as animals with strong family love. V has also been certified for his deep family love. As such, it is extremely reasonable that V‘s past actions are highlighted again.

Recently, evidence proving V and his father’s special relationship has been posted on the online community Instiz.

bts v and father

First of all, it is a picture comparing V‘s current appearance with his father’s youth. V‘s father had a decent appearance comparable to that of a movie star. His distinct facial features that look exactly like V are admirable.

This photo was released on tvN’s “You Quiz on the Block” that aired last year. In the broadcast, V shared, “I resemble my father a lot, so I want to resemble him in terms of personality too. My dream is to be like him.”

The post also restored the sweet KakaoTalk conversation that V exchanged with his father.

In 2015, V uploaded some photos of his KakaoTalk through BTS‘ official Twitter along with the caption saying, “My dad will be good at KakaoTalk someday, right?”

In Kakaotalk, V told his father, “Dad eat this (emoji of hearts)“. In response, V‘s father appealed (?), “I’m starved of my son’s love.” Then V replied wittily, “Haha just wait. I”ll send you a truckload later.”

Below is the content of the KakaoTalk conversation between V and his father.

There is also a KakaoTalk conversation that V had with his mother.

KakaoTalk BTS V with mother

The post also included many pictures of V‘s childhood.

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