Fans complained about BoA’s screen time in GOT’s dance practice video, BoA updated to calm fans down, “Due to a family event… Please don’t make weird guesses”

BoA soothes fans’ disappointment.

On the afternoon of January 6th, singer BoA posted an Instagram story, saying, “Me, too… That’s also my first time watching that video… I couldn’t join the last practice because of a family event”.  She added, “I think that’s why I didn’t have much screen time… Everyone, please don’t make weird guesses. Just enjoy the self-produced content.”

GOT dance practice video

Lastly, BoA said, “It was an event for me anyway~~ Please look forward to the next content of GOT”

GOT dance practice video

Meanwhile, GOT The Beat is the first unit of SM’s new project “Girls On Top (GOT)” in which SM female artists formed different units depending on themes. This unit consists of 7 members: BoA, Girls’ Generation Taeyeon – Hyoyeon, Red Velvet Wendy – Seulgi, and aespa Karina – Winter.

GOT dance practice video
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