Nana, “It was my honor to play the same role with Go Hyun Jung…I have no complexes”

Singer-actress Nana honestly answered a question about appearance complexes.

On March 6th, a video titled “To Nana, a complex is…? Na Na’s counseling center, from styling tips to beauty routines and mind control tips!” was uploaded on the Youtube channel of Allure Korea.


When asked how she felt about playing the same role with actress Go Hyun Jung in “Mask Girl”, Nana confessed, “First of all, it was such a great honor for me. However, I hardly had a chance to meet senior actress Go Hyun Jung on the set. I was a little upset that we couldn’t act together despite playing the same role, but I’m still very excited and happy to see myself and the senior in the same frame when ‘Mask Girl’ is released on Netflix”.


When asked if she has any complexes, the actress shared, “I have no complexes. I love my body and face that my parents gave me”, adding “I’m sorry”, drawing laughter with her sudden apology.

In response to the question “You tend to keep buying things you’re interested in. Is there any item you’re into these days?”, Nana said, “I’m really the type of person who would buy only one item once I’m into it. I was once obsessed with socks. I collected socks with various patterns and colors”. She then revealed her own tips for wise shopping.


As for the ways she controls her mind, Nana confessed, “I think I focus on other things more to avoid thinking about the difficulties that bother me. I’ve done things like watching movies, reading books, listening to music, exercising, etc.”

Regarding her morning routines, she mentioned her skincare tips, saying “These days, as soon as I wake up in the morning, I brush my teeth, drink water, wash my face, and put on morning facial packs. If I have time, I apply facial packs twice a day, in the morning and evening. That’s how I keep my skin feel moisturized and less dry”.

Meanwhile, Nana stars in Netflix’s series “Mask Girl”. It tells the story of ordinary office worker Kim Mo Mi with an appearance complex who gets caught up in an unintended incident while working as a BJ on the Internet while covering her face with a mask every night.

Source: Nate

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