Jihyo unconfirmed, Chaeyoung acknowledged “Difference in responses from JYP regarding TWICE’s dating rumors”

Amidst dating rumors surrounding TWICE's Jihyo and now Chaeyoung, the stark difference in responses from their agency is drawing attention

On April 5th, both Chaeyoung’s agency JYP Entertainment and Zion.T’s agency The Black Label acknowledged their romantic relationship by stating, “The two have feelings for each other and are supporting each other.

Earlier that day, a media outlet reported that Chaeyoung, 10 years younger than singer Zion.T, has been dating him for six months. They were introduced by a mutual acquaintance and developed into lovers.

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Chaeyoung is said to be deeply attracted to Zion.T’s free-spirited and musician-like qualities, which align with her ideal type. Moreover, it’s reported that both of them are not secretive about their relationship, as their acquaintances are already aware of their dating status.

Initially, their agencies responded with a “checking” stance upon the dating rumors surfacing at midnight, but quickly acknowledged the relationship as the day progressed, attracting attention.

This response stands in contrast to the handling of Jihyo’s dating rumors with former skeleton national team athlete Yun Sung-bin, which arose on March 25th.

At that time, regarding the suspicion that Jihyo and Yun Sung-bin have been dating for a year, JYP Entertainment stated, “It’s difficult to confirm as it’s a personal matter.”

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Although an official confirmation was not made, the lack of denial led the public to essentially acknowledge the relationship.

This became a topic of debate, and the relationship between the two is now widely perceived to be that of lovers.

While detailed internal circumstances remain undisclosed, some speculate that TWICE members expressed their opinions to their agency, which responded accordingly.

Meanwhile, TWICE debuted in 2015 and has been loved for hit songs such as “Cheer Up”, “TT”, “Like OOH-AHH”, “LIKEY”, “What is Love?” and “FANCY”.

On March 16th, they held their fifth world tour “TWICE 5TH WORLD TOUR READY TO BE”.

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