Jeon Somi Suspected of Introducing Chaeyoung and Zion.T

Amidst the dating rumors involving TWICE's Chaeyoung and singer Zion.T, unexpectedly, sparks are flying towards their close friend - Jeon Somi

Chaeyoung and Zion.T’s dating rumors emerged in the early hours of the 5th, garnering attention.

Both JYP Entertainment, Chaeyoung’s agency, and Double Label, Zion.T’s agency, are hastily investigating the sudden emergence of the dating rumors.

With the facts of the dating rumors yet to be confirmed, unfounded speculations and suspicions surrounding their relationship are spreading indiscriminately.

Chaeyoung Jeon So-mi-twice

Among them, groundless rumors directed at Jeon Somi are on the rise. Recently, Jeon Somi found herself at the center of attention due to revealing underwear photos posted by Chaeyoung.

Chaeyoung recently uploaded a four-cut photo of the two on her SNS, one of which captured Jeon Somi lifting her top, revealing her underwear. The problematic photo was later deleted by Chaeyoung, but it had already rapidly spread online, leading to rampant discussions among netizens.

Especially with the recent increase in people taking underwear-exposing photos in self-studios, leaving companies perplexed, criticism towards Jeon Somi’s reckless behavior has been pouring in.

As a result, a bizarre claim has surfaced online, suggesting that this dating rumor is retaliation from Jeon Somi, gaining sympathy from many netizens and escalating concerns further.

chaeyoung zion.t

Moreover, with the revelation that Jeon Somi and Zion.T share a close relationship, netizens are even speculating if Jeon Somi might have introduced them.

In this situation where even the dating rumors remain unconfirmed, the unfounded rumors directed at Jeon Somi are exacerbating fans’ worries.

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