TWICE Chaeyoung and Zion.T Confirmed Dating for 6 months

TWICE Chaeyoung and singer Zion.T officially admitted to dating

Chaeyoung’s agency JYP Entertainment stated to OSEN on the 5th, “The two have developed feelings for each other and are supporting each other.”

Similarly, Zion.T’s agency, The Black Label, also conveyed the same stance on the same day, announcing the birth of a new couple in the music industry.

chaeyoung zion.t

Earlier that morning, the exclusive news site Sway reported that the female idol Chaeyoung (TWICE) has been dating male singer Zion.T for 6 months. They first met through an acquaintance of Chaeyoung’s, and their feelings have since surpassed the level of colleagues and developed into a romantic relationship.

According to the report, Chaeyoung’s dating style is confidently public. The couple often goes on dates in the Hannam and Yeonhui areas, openly displaying their love. Zion.T perfectly fits the ideal type of TWICE’s youngest member. The female idol born in 1999 prefers slim, open-minded men with an artistic flair like Zion.T.

Meanwhile, TWICE, which Chaeyoung belongs to, is currently conducting their fifth world tour, “READY TO BE”, while Zion.T released his third regular album, “Zip”, in December last year.

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