IVE Rei kisses Liz on the cheek, happy to return to activities 

Rei, who has recovered her health and returned to IVE’s activities, showed extraordinary affection towards fellow member Liz.

On May 27th, several photos were posted on IVE’s official social media account. In one released photo, Rei, who has pink hair, can be seen kissing Liz, who has her eyes closed.


Then, another photo shows Liz’s surprised expression as Rei’s lip marks clearly left a mark on her left cheek. Furthermore, Liz showed off her special affection towards Rei by showing her left cheek to the camera.

As Rei and Liz showed their sweet and affectionate interaction, many fans cheered loudly.


Many people expressed reactions and left comments such as “Rei seems happy to return to activities” and “Both of them are really cute.”

Meanwhile, back on April 11th, IVE’s agency, Starship Entertainment, announced that due to health reasons, Rei had temporarily suspended her activities.


After taking a break for about a month to focus on recovery, Rei has rejoined the team in a healthy condition.

On May 26th, Starship Entertainment stated that Rei’s condition has recently improved significantly, so she decided to resume activities. 

Source: Insight

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