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Ha Ha, “Mi Joo saw Jang Won Young and exclaimed, ‘She has everything. She really got everything’”

“Running Man” Ha Ha revealed the anecdote of when Mi Joo praised IVE Jang Won Young’s beauty. 

The new episode of SBS’s entertainment program “Running Man”, which aired on January 29th, featured IVE members Ahn Yu Jin, Ga Eul, Jang Won Young, Liz, Rei, and Leeseo.

Haha Running Man

Revealing “visual” as her personal talent, Jang Won Young impressed everyone with her confident appearance. 

While talking about Jang Won Young’s visual, Ha Ha told an anecdote he had with Mi Joo. Ha Ha said, “I was watching TV with Mi Joo in the waiting room and Won Young appeared on the screen. Mi Joo exclaimed, ‘She has everything. She really got everything’. If you’re too handsome or pretty, shouldn’t you give up on other things?”. Other members responded altogether, “I agree”, drawing laughter.

Jang Won Young Running Man

The members then visited a restaurant that Ahn Yu Jin often visits for a mission and had a nice meal. After the meal, Yoo Jae Suk and Ha Ha smiled and commented, “Yu Jin and Won Young really ate a lot”.

Ji Seok Jin asked Jang Won Young, “Don’t you gain weight even when you eat like that?”. In response, Jang Won Young said, “I don’t easily gain weight”, making everyone envious. Ji Seok Jin responded, “You will begin to gain weight when you’re over 40”, giving unnecessary advice for the future.

Haha Running Man

Ha Ha said, “I heard Won Young has not yet graduated from high school”. Kim Jong Kook added, “Seok Jin hyung, give Won Young a graduation gift”. Turning to Jang Won Young, Ji Seok Jin asked, “What do you want to receive?”, adding “But Won Young, aren’t you richer than me?”.

Upon hearing Ji Seok Jin’s words, Jang Won Young replied in a cool way, “I’ll give you a present”. Ji Seok Jin added, “That’s right. The one who is doing better should spend the money”. Yoo Jae Seok said, “I’m jealous of Jang Won Young’s generosity”. When Ji Seok Jin suddenly asked, “Won Young ah, isn’t it wonderful to be successful?”, other “Running Man” members laughed as they were so embarrassed.

IVE Running Man

Later, Liz recalled the past and said the filming of “Running Man” was so “wonderful”. Liz said, “When I was young, I watched ‘Running Man’ and wondered, ‘Will this program continue until I become an idol?’.”

Source: Naver

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