What if Kpop groups were banned from lip syncing 100% like Cbiz?

Korean netizens wonder what will happen to Kpop if Korea also bans lip-syncing singers and forces them to sing live entirely?

Recently, after many ups and downs, the Chinese entertainment industry has undergone major ‘purges’, while taking measures to correct and control the activities of celebrities when there are more and more cases considered to be morally decadent, not keeping their image, famous clean, scandals, etc. On the other hand, Cbiz side also wants to eliminate artists who have no talent but still want to be popular 

On September 18, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of China issued a draft to regulate and strengthen the management of performers for a more healthy development market. In this draft, there are a number of important contents such as banning shows using artists with a history of crime or ethical violations, and restricting minors from participating in performances and must have the consent of the artist.  parent or guardian etc.

However, the content that makes even Korean netizens pay attention and become a hot topic is ‘banning lip syncing’. Accordingly, the Chinese side will ban actors and will ban all lip-syncing acts of actors and singers in performance activities.  The country will also not allow broadcasters or organizers to facilitate singers and actors lip-syncing.

If the behavior is tolerating actors, lip-syncing singers, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of China will revoke the license of the domestic entertainment activities of that unit and publicize the misconduct. If there is a deliberate act of non-compliance, you may even be banned from participating in all activities in the entertainment industry.

Currently, Kpop idols have 2 performance forms, Live MR and Live AR. With Live MR, the idol sings on the record with only the sound of the instrument, similar to when we go to karaoke. This means that the idols will have to completely sing live to the music, but they will also be supported by backing-vocals (the backing is played quite small to support the singer when they need to create a highlight, or when they can’t sing the low and the high at the same time).

Unlike MR, AR is a recording full of instrumental sounds and singers’ vocals from before. In other words, when using the AR form, the idols are lip syncing. So to avoid too obvious lip-syncing, some Kpop groups will use Live AR, inserting the singer’s breathing so that listeners think they are singing live.

Knet thinks that banning idols from lip-syncing is banning this revealing form of Live AR. They also pointed out that the artists in YG and HYBE will ‘survive’ because the artists in these 2 companies sing MR live. Meanwhile, SM and JYP as well as a number of other companies are mocked for often allowing their idols to lip-sync in the form of Live AR. (This was revealed through many cue sheets prior to music shows.)

In particular, Knet affirmed that SM is famous for owning a quality vocal line but still allows their idol groups to lip-sync AR. Some people think that the company is afraid that idols will make mistakes when singing. According to Knet, SM idols really are good singers, but there are also bad singers, so the company wants to use Live AR to ensure the most synchronized and perfect performance possible.  However, they still don’t like this and hope Kbiz also bans lip syncing to have a fair playing field.

Some comments from Knet:

 – I think this case is fine, so the lip-syncing act to deceive the audience should be banned.

 – Those who want us to do this as well as China, you’re not Korean right?

 – I agree that this is cheating the audience but why does the government control that? Their entertainment industry should handle it on their own.

 – I don’t like China, but I personally think Korea should do the same.

 -The real SM.. Aren’t TVXQ, BoA, Super Junior, EXO, and Red Velvet all good at singing live? But I don’t think I’ve ever seen them sing live on stage, it’s all Live AR.

 – Looking at the list of singer performances of the year-end concert, only BTS, TXT, BTOB, iKON, WINNER, GFriend, Mamamoo, BLACKPINK and trot singers sing live. The truth is that only Mamamoo, BTOB, groups HYBE and YG sing live.

 – Only HYBE and YG will survive if our country bans this.

 – I think all handsome idols will be ruined if Korea bans lip syncing.

 – SM is good at live singing but why lip-syncing Live AR?  Really hard to understand.

 – Wow, to be honest, I think Korea should ban lip syncing. Live AR-style lip syncing is really that form of deception.

What do you think of these Knet arguments?  Do you think Kpop should ban all lip-syncing acts (including 100% lip-syncing and Live AR lip-syncing) or not?

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