Lee Na Young on new drama, “I thought I just need to eat well, but tears kept coming out”

Actress Lee Na Young revealed that she continuously shed tears while filming her upcoming K-drama “One Day Off”.

On May 23rd, a press conference for the WAVE original drama “One Day Off” (Korean title: “Park Ha Kyung’s Journey) was held at Yongsan CGV i-Park Mall. Actress Lee Na Young and director Lee Jong Pil attended the event.


“One Day Off” depicts the unexpected moments and miraculous encounters of Park Ha Kyung, a Korean literature teacher, who goes on one-day trips every Saturday when she wants to disappear.

“One Day Off” is a mid-form drama with an average duration of 25 minutes per episode, which is presented in an omnibus format. Alongside Lee Na Young, actors Koo Kyo Hwan, Gil Hae Yeon, Park Se Wan, Park In Hwan, Seo Hyun Woo, Sun Woo Jung Ah, Shin Hyun Ji, Shim Eun Kyung, Jo Hyun Chul, and Han Ye Ri, delivered fantastic performances.


At the press conference, Lee Na Young caught attention by saying, “Strangely, tears kept coming out continuously. It was also difficult to hold back those tears.”

She explained, “I don’t know the overall feeling, but when I was filming this project, I told myself to take things down. I thought I just needed to have a vacant expression and eat well, but it turned out that not trying too hard in those scenes was my homework.”

The actress further added, “Since there were no specific rules set for the character, my emotions were more shaken compared to other works. That’s why I kept shedding tears. It was more from feeling love than from feeling sadness. I had many unique experiences with this project.”

On the other hand, “One Day Off” will exclusively premiere on WAVE on May 24th.

Source: Daum

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