BLACKPINK went to therapy during hard time, wants to stay together until they’re old, and more 

Check out these highlights from BLACKPINK’s latest group interview with Rolling Stone. 

An untold story from their trainee days was revealed for the first time

Jisoo told a secret of something the girls did during their trainee days that they were not supposed to. Since they had to practice dancing every single day, they were obviously exhausted and desperate for a break. That’s why, one day, they unplugged one of the cables connected to the speaker in their practice room. An engineer was then called in to fix it and the speaker worked again after half an hour. 

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Even though they only got a 30-minute break from all the dancing, Jennie said it meant a lot to them. Rosé said while bursting into laughter, “We were such a problematic group.” It seems like the girls luckily weren’t punished for this back in the day because Jisoo thinks even now, their Potato Teacher still has no idea about this story. 

How BLACKPINK and their production team worked on their songs 

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Jisoo said BLACKPINK doesn’t just receive a complete song and their only job is to sing it. They are much more involved in every stage of the creative process, from start to finish, from music to choreography. According to Jisoo, being able to be a part of the process before their songs are released makes her take pride in BLACKPINK’s music. If they only sang readymade songs and called it a day, it would be machine-like. 

BLACKPINK took mental health classes and went to therapy 

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The members shared that they attended classes about mental health and even underwent therapy during their tough time as trainees, but unfortunately those weren’t of much help. Jisoo said the best solution to the problems they had is to open up to each other. Jennie added they just patiently lived through such difficult times.  

Where the members see BLACKPINK in 10 years, 20 years,…

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Despite not having frequent comebacks, BLACKPINK still stays at the peak of their career, being dubbed the world’s biggest girl group, setting new records left and right. Now that they are in their 6th year since debut, the group’s future piques much curiosity. 

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Lisa believes BLACKPINK will at least last another decade. She said she wanted all the members to gather and do a reunion concert when they become older, even after they get married and have their own lives. 

If Lisa said she will turn 40 and still be BLACKPINK, Jennie said even when they all reach 70, she will still feel like she’s BLACKPINK. In the future, BLACKPINK may no longer stay active as a K-pop group, but BLACKPINK will be in Jennie’s heart forever and ever. Because for Jennie, BLACKPINK is undeniably her family. 

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