More dating evidence of Lee Jong Suk and IU that you may have missed before they got “exposed” 

These moments between Lee Jong Suk and IU are making fans excited after the couple confirmed their dating.

On December 31, Dispatch reported that Lee Jong Suk and IU are dating. After that, the two also confirmed their relationship, receiving the blessings of many fans. In particular, when reviewing their past moments, it looks like they were already giving “spoilers” of their relationship but fans didn’t notice. 

lee jong suk iu dating
IU and Lee Jong Suk’s dating photos were made public by Dispatch

September 12, 2022: Lee Jong Suk sang IU’s “Meaning Of You” at his fanmeeting

In September of last year, Lee Jong Suk sang IU‘s hit song “Meaning Of You” at his fan meeting. Because Lee Jong Suk has repeatedly showed his love for IU’s music, the fact that he covered her song did not make people suspicious.

lee jong suk fanmeeting thumbnail
Lee Jong Suk sang “Meaning Of You” by IU at his fanmeeting

September 19, 2022: Fans caught Lee Jong Suk coming to support IU at “The Golden Hour” concert

Lee Jong Suk always gives his best support to his girlfriend’s career. In the past, Lee Jong Suk was spotted many times supporting and cheering for IU at her concerts. Recently, he also came to “The Golden Hour” concert despite many busy schedules.

iu lee jong suk
Lee Jong Suk often came to support IU at her concerts

October 2, 2022: IU sang at Lee Jong Suk’s younger brother’s wedding

About a few months ago, IU unexpectedly appeared as a guest and sang a congratulatory song at Lee Jong Suk’s younger brother’s wedding. She sang “Meaning Of You” for the groom and the bride.

However, since IU often sings at the weddings of her acquaintances and friends, when she appeared at this wedding, people were not skeptical.

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With the confirmation of the two’s relationship, fans realized that IU’s presence at the wedding of Lee Jong Suk’s younger brother was for a reason. In particular, the moment Lee Jong Suk walked IU to the door when she left the wedding also made fans excited. Lee Jong Suk is also praised for his warm and thoughtful action towards his girlfriend.

lee jong suk
The moment Lee Jong Suk walked IU to the door created a buzz

December 24, 2022: Lee Jong Suk sang IU’s song at his fanmeeting in Japan

At his fan meeting in Japan, Lee Jong Suk covered IU’s hit soundtrack “Give You My Heart”. After that, the couple enjoyed a romantic Christmas vacation together.

According to Dispatch, Lee Jong Suk and IU have only been dating for 4 months, but with much dating evidence from September, many fans think that the two have been an item longer than that. Although it is not known exactly when Lee Jong Suk and IU decided to go from friends to lovers, fans hope that they will be happy and stay together for a long time.

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Source: k14. 

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