IVE Ahn Yujin admired the stunning house of comedian Lee Eun Ji 

In the preview of “Earth Arcade 2” episode 6, Ahn Yujin of IVE can’t help but praise the outstanding house of Lee Eun Ji. 

On June 15th, a video titled “Episode 6 Preview: Insane Housewarming Party with Unbelievable Energy from the Guests! Earth Arcade 2” was released on the YouTube channel “channel fullmoon”.


In this video, members of the TV show “Earth Arcade” visited Lee Eun Ji’s new house for a housewarming party.

Mimi, the first guest who entered the house, showed a cheerful mood by exclaiming, “Wow, the house is beautiful.” Following her, Lee Young Ji also said, “Oh my! Why is the house so nice? Did you become successful? Show me around the house; it’s so good.”

Afterwards, Mimi added, “You did (became successful)! Unnie (older sister), you must have earned a lot of money! There’s even a Pilates room over there.”

Then, when Lee Young Ji asked, “Unnie, is this a monthly rental? How much is it?”, Lee Eun Ji showed a flustered expression. At this, Lee Young Ji awkwardly laughed and said, “Because I’m jealous. I also pay monthly rent.”

Meanwhile, IVE Ahn Yujin brought a “body dryer” as a housewarming gift, explaining, “Since it’s my first housewarming party, I put some effort into the gift.” Hearing this, Lee Young Ji expressed regret, mentioning that if she had known this, she’d have invited Yujin to her house first. 

Looking around the house, Ahn Yujin exclaimed jokingly, “It’s a Han River view~ Unni (older sister), how much money do you have?”.

The rest of the “Earth Arcade” members also joined the fun, with Lee Young Ji asking, “Unnie, how many advertisements did you do?” and Mimi saying, “Unnie, whenever the TV is turned on, you appear on these days.”

Following the energetic atmosphere of the Earth Arcade members, Lee Eun Ji finally raised her head and asked, “Why did I agree to have a housewarming party?” expressing her bewilderment.

Source: Wikitree

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