Sunmi felt relieved as her SNS followers increased after “Heart Burn” dance challenge with J. Y. Park

Singer Sunmi was relieved that her followers did not decrease even after her dance challenge with J. Y. Park was released.

On July 16th, Sunmi posted on her Instagram story “Surprisingly, the number of followers didn’t decrease, but rather increased. The thing I was worried about didn’t happen. What a relief” and tagged J. Y. Park’s account.


Earlier on July 15th, Sunmi uploaded a challenge video for her new song “Heart Burn” with J. Y. Park on her Instagram. She expressed concern, “How many people will I lose this time…?” Sunmi then added, “The PD’s expression is so coy haha. Those closed lips.”


Kim Eana made everyone burst into laughter by leaving a comment saying, “I’ll unfollow you tomorrow.” Despite Kim Eana’s declaration, Sunmi seemed relieved as her SNS followers increased.


Meanwhile, Sunmi released her digital single “Heart Burn” on June 29th.

Source: Nate

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