“How will ‘The Glory’ perform?” The fortune teller’s answer to Lim Ji Yeon’s question surprises netizens 

The New Year fortune of “The Glory” actress Lim Ji Yeon pointed out by a fortune teller is drawing keen attention.

ESQUIRE Korea recently uploaded on its official Youtube channel a video showing a fortune teller explaining Lim Ji Yeon’s fortune.

The fortune teller said to Lim Ji Yeon, “You’re smart and you have a genius side”, adding “When you start acting, this is the chance for you to show your strong will. If you made a big jump into the entertainment industry from the beginning with that will, the time for you to take your second leap is coming.”

The fortune teller added that Lim Ji Yeon would gain recognition in foreign countries and that 2024 is the time for her to get as much attention as when she first debuted.

lim ji yeon

The video seems to have been filmed before the release of Netflix’s “The Glory”, starring Lim Ji Yeon. That’s why Lim Ji Yeon asked, “My drama ‘The Glory’ will be out soon. What do you think the result will be?”

lim ji yeon

In response, the fortune teller said, “(Lim Ji Yeon) You can become extremely popular”, adding “You will be better economically. I think you’ll shoot a lot of commercials. It would be better if you studied foreign languages, such as Chinese and English.”

lim ji yeon

Lim Ji Yeon also asked about her love fortune and physiognomy. The fortune teller said she would be able to choose a lover based on her own will as if she was choosing a work. In addition, the actress smiled when hearing that she has the physiognomy of a “Madam”.

lim ji yeon

Lim Ji Yeon plays the role of Park Yeon Jin, a school violence perpetrator, in Netflix’s original series “The Glory”, which was introduced on December 30th last year. Challenging her first villain role since debut, Lim Ji Yeon has been making headlines since the drama’s release with her thrilling and realistic acting. 

Source: wikitree

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