“Epitome of cat-like appearance”, NewJeans Haerin took a visual leap with swept back bangs 

NewJeans member Haerin showed off her outstanding visuals by sweeping all of her bangs and side hair back.

On May 20th, NewJeans attended the 150th anniversary event of Levi’s and brightened up the atmosphere. Here, the girl group received a lot of excited responses from the audience by performing hit songs such as “OMG” and “Hype Boy”.

Among all five members showing off their perfect visuals, Haerin’s hair style change especially caught everyone’s attention.


In particular, Haerin usually let her bangs and side hair down, covering her bangs and cheeks. 

However, at the Levi’s event, Haerin showed off a hairstyle that revealed her entire face by sweeping her bangs back and tucking her side hair behind her ears. As a result, Haerin’s “cat-like” visuals are fully displayed, receiving a lot of praises.

Many people who saw Haerin’s changed hairstyle reacted with comments such as, “Every part of her, from her eyes, nose, and mouth, is so pretty”, “She looks more like a cat with her hair swept back”, and “The epitome of a cat-like appearance.”


Meanwhile, NewJeans, where Haerin is a member, is establishing their position in the Kpop industry, with every released song of theirs becoming a huge hit. 

As a result, everyone is paying attention to the future steps of NewJeans, who have positioned themselves as a “global trend”.

Source: Insight

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