Jay Park, “The pink-colored thing on my chest? Here’s my secret”

Rapper-businessman Jay Park revealed the secret about his body.

On January 8th, a video titled “Ask Park Jae Beom about the original price of Won Soju” was uploaded on the Youtube channel “Psick Univ”. Jay Park (Park Jae Beom) appeared in the video as a guest.

Jay Park

Comedian Lee Yong Joo said to Jay Park, “Min Soo (Kim Min Soo) is always jealous of you”, raising curiosity. Jay Park asked back, “Of me?”. Lee Yong Joo hesitantly said, “Especially your…”, adding “Can I say it?”.

In response, Jay Park said, “Say it, please”. Kim Min Soo immediately explained, “I’m not jealous of your face or your body and your personality. But I’m jealous of your nipple color”, drawing laughter.

Jay Park
Jay Park

When Kim Min Soo asked, “You always have pink nipples, right?”, Jay Park smiled and responded, “Then what do you have? Brown nipples?”.

As Kim Min Soo replied, “They’re actually grey nipples”, Jay Park added, “You might need to go on your health checkups”.

Kim Min Soo continued to ask, “Do you manage it or something?”. Jay Park said, “I’mma let you in on a secret, alright?”, arousing interest.

Jay Park

Jung Jae Hyung suddenly wondered, “You apply lip tints?”. Embarrassed by the question, Jay Park asked, “How did you know?”, making everyone laugh hard. Lee Yong Joo and Kim Min Soo reacted, “Oh sh*t. Oh My God”.

Jay Park looked serious. He said, “Did my manager tell you? Who told you?”, adding “I go to the shop with my shirt off. I sit down then they come and do everything. I just stay still like this”. 

Jay Park

When Jung Jae Hyung said, “So the stylists come in and they ask you ‘What kind of shooting is it today?’. If you say it’s ‘something cute’, they tint them with cute colors?”, Jay Park emphasized, “You know like doing your cheeks on the side”, adding “This is real. I’m not tryna be funny”.

Source: wikitree

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