EXO Chen is a father of two now: his wife reportedly pregnant with their 2nd child

EXO Chen’s wife is pregnant with their second child. 

According to the news on November 16th, Chen’s wife is currently pregnant with their second child. Chen announced his marriage to his non-celebrity girlfriend in January last year and held his first daughter in his arms on April 29th of the same year.

exo chen

Meanwhile, Chen entered the military training center on October 26 last year and is serving his compulsory enlistment.

Chen, who made his debut as an EXO member in 2012, was loved as a top idol with hit songs such as “Growl”, “Overdose”, “Call Me Baby”, “Monster”, “Kokobop” and”Love Shot”, setting various records. He also showed his aspect of a vocalist through many unit activities, OST, and solo albums.

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