Agency denied but an assistant confirmed Lee Min Ho is dating Yeonwoo: arouse suspicion of breaking the quarantine rules

Discussion still arises over the latest information about the couple Lee Min Ho – Yeonwoo. The dating report went from good news to a controversial topic.

Since this morning (August 30), social media platforms have been taken over by the dating news of Lee Min Ho and Yeonwoo (former MOMOLAND member). The two have reportedly been seeing each other for 5 months. The couple was “captured” by Dispatch on their movie night date. Lee Min Ho also invited Yeonwoo to his home on the evening of July 31 and waited until 0:00 to celebrate her birthday. However, the actor’s agency quickly denied the dating reports, stating that the two are just friends, the outing had many other acquaintances present, but only Yeonwoo and Lee Min Ho were photographed.

However, the explanation saying “there were many people hanging out” from Lee Min Ho’s agency raised the suspicion that the actor violated the level 4 social distancing regulations in Korea, that is, it is against the law to gather more than 3 people. If Lee Min Ho’s statement is accurate, he will most likely be fined at least 100,000 won for violations, depending on the severity. In the middle of this situation, a close assistant of the male actor suddenly confirmed the romantic relationship of the actor and his 9-year-old younger rumored girlfriend: “It is true that they are dating.”

The company then said it was not Lee Min Ho and Yeonwoo’s private date, but they also met two other people. However, that meeting took place on July 1, while it was not until July 12 that the Seoul area applied the distance regulation, banning gatherings from 3 people. Therefore, MYM affirmed that the actor did not violate the regulations.

MLD Entertainment – Yeonwoo’s management company said it was difficult to verify the information because the female idol-actress now is on the filming set.

The present information has left netizens befuddled. Many people assume that Lee Min Ho and Yeowoo are actually dating and that they went with other acquaintances to keep their relationship a secret. In reality, many Korean celebrity couples have hidden their relationships by hanging out with common acquaintances, a strategy that has been openly exposed by several former idols on YouTube.

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