Top 10 albums with most No.1 on iTunes: Even BTS needs to surrender to this solo rapper

Rankings on Music Charts can be easily predicted, but some new factors that have just showed up on music charts make netizens extremely surprised!

Apart from developing and investing on their main market – Korea, K-pop groups are now publishing their music products in foreign markets to fulfill the needs of international fans and get more profits from online music stores.
Therefore, besides caring about achieving an all-kill on national music charts, K-pop groups also want their names to be shown on international music charts to affirm their popularity in the world. Recently, Kpop Charts & News has published the list of 10 K-pop albums that rank No.1 the most on iTunes up to now. The names appearing on this list are popular artists such as BTS, GOT7, iKON, NCT, Winner,… but their rankings are different from netizens’ prediction.
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Bangtan boys continue to rank first on the list with their globally famous albums including J-Hope’s “Hope World”, “Face Yourself” and Suga’s “August D”. This doesn’t surprise K-pop fans at all because BTS’ reputation has been expanded globally.

BTS, Jhope, daydream, itunes
J-Hope’s “Hope World” set an amazing record by achieving an all-kill on 72 music charts in some countries 1 day after its publication
BTS, Face yourself
BTS’ “Face Yourself” excellently ranked first 53 times.
Besides that, many netizens wonder why Suga’s “August D” is on the list while it was published at the end of 2016? It’s true that Suga’s mixtape album was published in August 2016, but it was not until the beginning of 2018 that Big Hit released August D on online music stores such as iTunes/Spotify, so it can be counted into 2018 as normal.

After BTS is GOT7 with 23 all-kills on iTunes with the album “Eyes On You”. But more significantly, NCT’s “NCT 2018 EMPATHY” even has higher achievement than their sunbae – iKON and Winner – as it ranks fifth, which makes many fans surprised.

Red Velvet ranks eighth with the album “The Perfect Red Velvet”. With their diversified style and addictive music, netizens predict that the girls will further their career and soon be more popular in many different countries in the world

Seventeen and the hot rookies Wanna One ranks ninth and tenth respectively. Significantly, though Wanna One debuted not long ago, it’s undeniable that their influence has increased more and more and they are even more successful than I.O.I. This may be a positive signal that encourages YMC Entertainment to consider extending Wanna One’s expired time to 1 more year.
Wanna one, 2018
However, this is just a statistic of the first half of 2018, and these rankings can be changed at any time. So, let’s stay tune till the end to see who will really make a breakthrough!

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