SM’s CEO Lee Sungsu talked about the company’s future at “2021 Startup:CON”

On October 7, at the start-up seminar called “2021 STARTUP:CON”, SM’s CEO Lee Sungsu gave a speech about “elevating content through SMCU”.

At this year’s STARTUP:CON held on October 7, CEO Lee Sungsu of SM Entertainment gave a keynote speech. With connectivity through interaction and global popularity, the seminar not only brought new perspectives but also supported investments for attendees.

In the 6th time, it took place, 2021 STARTUP:CON invited leading experts such as the first CEO of Netflix Marc Randolph, Professor Bharat N. Anand of Harvard Business School, and Ms. Christine Tsail to attend the conference.

Lee Sung su ceo SM
The speech of SM’s CEO Lee Sungsu was anticipated by many people

At the event, Lee Sungsu delivered a speech with the theme “SM Content Roadmap – A look at the future age of content through SMCU“. SM’s CEO said that Lee Soo Man – SM’s founder and the one in charge of all production processes at SM, has made predictions that robots, artists, or even virtual AI characters are all content that humans want to develop in the future.

Foreseeing this, SM has been preparing for the event for many years. The debut of the Kpop girl group aespa is also one of the company’s plans. The stories in aespa’s worldview conveyed to the public are the epic virtual reality world that SM has always wanted to expand. CEO Lee Sungsu calls this “SM Culture Universe” (SMCU).

aespa poster
aespa’s debut carried the ambition of SM Entertainment.  

Explaining the SMCU, Lee Sungsu stated: “SMCU is a future entertainment metaverse that connects the world through culture and doesn’t have any barriers between reality and virtual world. That is the future content that SM is aiming for.  SMCU’s most important keyword – KWANGYA”.

Besides, SM’s CEO also introduced to the attendees of the seminar about the Re-mastering project of the songs. Specifically, SM wants to focus on improving the quality of the original MVs and re-producing these tracks in the style of 2021. Moreover, SM is aiming for special content with contributions from the company’s artists of different generations.

Lee sung su SM CEO
SM is actively preparing for a breakthrough with future technologies. 

Lee Sungsu also revealed about the “SM Classics” project. He said “SM Classics” was born with the desire to expand music in the K-pop market by combining different genres such as classical, jazz, and international music. The SM CEO stated, “The expansion of our performances will bring choral K-pop all around the world.”

For him and SM, the “communication channels” play an extremely important role because they are where SM introduces and provides company information to fans for them to enjoy and use. According to Mr. Lee Sungsu’s definition, “communication channels” not only provide information as usual but also show the brand’s concept. From here, the Pink Blood project was established with the desire to support fans to access contents produced by SM.

pink blood 10102021 1 1
The Pink Blood project with a lot of enthusiasm from SM. 

At the end of the speech, CEO Lee Sungsu once again affirmed the important keyword “The Future of Culture Technology” because this is the topic and method that SM is actively preparing for the future. Although SM has always been known as a music company with diverse content, Mr. Lee Sungsu believes that it is time to apply IT, AI, and future techniques to products to make a difference.

Through the seminar, SM CEO Lee Sungsu introduced the projects that SM is gradually realizing to bring the best music experiences to fans in the current digital era.

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