The perfect looks of the 2 most popular female visuals of the 4th generation, Karina and Jang Wonyoung in foreign countries

Jang Won Young and Karina amazed people with their perfect visuals

Not only causing a craze in Korea, the beauty of the 4th gen visuals is now also proven through photos taken abroad. Jang Won Young and Karina recently made people crazy because of their excessively beautiful looks when doing foreign schedules.

While Jang Won Young stole people’s hearts with her sweet schoolgirl visual on stage, Karina made Americans admire her CG beauty in real life.

Jang Won Young

ive wonyoung


Karina has always been pretty in an unreal way and she was also said to have a CG beauty. Understanding the advantages of her gorgeous appearance, Karina always chooses a sharp, surreal makeup layout with bright colored contact lenses, fake eyelashes, and with winged eyeliner, matte pink lipstick, and especially bright foundation.
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