“Famous Chinese singer” Hera revealed her shocking recent life as a farmer in Korea

The recent status of Hera, who became a farmer, has been revealed in “Special Workd”.

On MBN’s “Special World,” which aired on July 28th, Hera, who was widely loved after covering the theme song of the famous 90s Hong Kong movie “Comrades: Almost a Love Story,” revealed her current life.

Beloved and even called the “second Teresa Teng,” she is currently living in a rural village in Gyeongsangnam-do, farming mushrooms.

After saying that she couldn’t see her past when she was once the famous Chinese singer Yan Chengxu after becoming a farmer, Hera said, “That’s good. When I was a celebrity, I was pretty much held back, but now I feel comfortable because I feel like I’m letting go of something,” she said.

Source: daum

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