Fans blame and force Lee Hyun-joo to apologize for April’s disbandment

Criticism was directed to former member Lee Hyun-joo for  April’s disbandment.

Since April‘s disbandment was announced on January 28th, Lee Hyun-joo’s Instagram has been bombarded with criticism from April’s fans. The fans believed that Lee Hyun-joo was the fundamental reason for the disbandment. They demanded the former member to release an explanation and apology for the disbandment of April and her earlier claim of being bullied.

April disbandment
As the disbandment of the group April was decided, criticism is being focused on former member Lee Hyun-joo, who exposed the group of bullying and harassing her. Photo by DSP Media

One netizen pointed out, “Lee Hyun-joo ruined the lives of six people,” adding, “If you have time to make Instagram posts, then use that time to explain yourself.” Another one said, “I hope that the pain that the six April members received will go to Lee Hyun-joo,” and demanded, “Explain yourself.”

Another netizen said, “Lee Hyun-joo must be happy now. Seeing the people who worked with you end up like this, you’ll die of happiness,” he continued. “I hope that all the disappointment of countless people will return as your misfortune since you can’t stand others’ happiness.” In addition, other comments also demanded Lee Hyun-joo’s explanation and apology, including ones made by international fans.

April disbandment
April’s fans demanded Lee Hyun-joo to admit that her accusation of April bullying her was false and apologize

Since her withdrawal from the group in 2016, Lee Hyun-joo, who debuted in the music industry as a member of April in August 2015, has continuously revealed that she was harassed and bullied by April members. In the process, Lee Hyun-joo shocked everyone when confessing that she even tried to make an extreme choice. 

Lee Hyun-joo’s revelation damaged the image of April, which was witnessing a rise in popularity music performances at that time. Speculations and criticisms on the Internet intensified as evidence of bullying was found in several past videos of Lee Hyun-joo.

April disbandment

However, public opinion has reversed. April fans issued a statement, pointing out some loopholes in Lee Hyun-joo’s claims and urging Lee Hyun-joo to explain. The agency and the members revealed their position, saying “There was no bullying and harassment”. In an interview, April members also refuted the suspicions, saying that they avoided Lee Hyun-joo because of her sincere attitudes and lies.

However, the bullying and harassment controversy surrounding April and Lee Hyun-joo showed no signs of cooling down as more revelations continued to be revealed. Therefore, both April and Lee Hyun-joo had to suspend their activities for a long time.

April disbandment

When April decided to disband after 7 years of group activities, April fans poured out anger, blaming Lee Hyun-joo for disbandment.

April’s agency, DSP Media, announced the girl group’s disbandment on January 28th, saying, “We hope you will continue to show support and attention to the 6 members who will walk on their own new paths”. On the same day, Chaekyung, Jinsol and Yena also expressed her regret over the disbandment. In particular, Yena directly mentioned the bullying controversy and emphasized, “I want to tell you that we acknowledge the controversy and it was not the cause of the disbandment”. On the next day, member Lee Na-eun also posted a handwritten letter to fans, saying, “Telling you the news of our disbandment makes my heart so heavy”.

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