April denied bullying rumors, claimed that they are victims taking much more damage

April revealed: “We are victims, not perpetrators,” refuted the bullying allegations little by little

Girl group April, which was caught up in the bullying controversy of the former member Lee Hyun-joo, completely denied the bullying rumors through an interview. The April members claimed that they were victims, not perpetrators, and claimed that all of the members received psychiatric treatment and suffered damage that made it difficult for them to engage in normal entertainment activities.

On the 21st, Sportskhan reported an exclusive interview with April members. When asked, “Why did you remain silent for so long?” the members of April answered, “The company told us not to respond. We thought the truth that we didn’t do anything wrong would soon be revealed. But it wasn’t.”

In addition, April members also explained the controversy over shoes and tumblers. April Hyun-joo’s friend, Mr. A, posted an exposing post in March, claiming, “Hyun-joo has a tumbler received from her grandmother, she put in the dormitory, and it was found in the company refrigerator. It turns out that Na-eun put cheonggukjang into it without a word”. In addition, the exposing text said that “Na-eun stole Hyun-joo’s sneakers and insisted that she bought them.”

Regarding this, April members claimed, “There were more than 200 pairs of shoes in the dormitory, so it was easy to get confused. There was no reason to steal it because it was sponsored. There were a lot of tumblers. It was simply a mistake, when Lee Hyun-joo got angry I immediately apologized to her.”

April’s dormitory coridor in 2016 (photo provided by April)

April members said, “We were all afraid of Lee Hyun-joo. We couldn’t believe that Lee Hyun-joo made that extreme choice. Lee Hyun-joo said that she usually doesn’t want to be an idol and she wants to be an actress”. The members of April finished the interview saying; “We will do our best to explain, and we will request a re-investigation for defamation caused by false facts and timely information. We hope the truth will be revealed.” 

All April members took sticker together in 2015
All April members took sticker together in 2015

Source: Sportkhan

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