Source Music is fined 3 million won by PIPC, fans are satisfied 

After letting GFRIEND disband, the company had made a stir. 

Source Music used to be a companion of K-pop fans in general and GFRIEND in particular. However, after GFRIEND’s sudden disbandment in May 2021, the public couldn’t help raging because of the way the company treated the group. 

Source Music and GFRIEND are the two names that go together for a long time.

According to Korean media, Source Music has been ordered to pay a fine of 3 million won by South Korea’s Personal Information Protection Commission (PIPC) for disclosing customers’ information. Specifically, after GFRIEND’s sudden disbandment, Source Music used a Google questionnaire in terms of refunding fan club membership fees. However, due to the questionnaire’s privacy settings being accidentally set to public, the personal information of 22 fans who filled out the questionnaire was leaked. The company offered a solution to compensate fans with a sum of money but was not approved.

22 GFRIEND’s fans’ information was leaked.

Back in June of last year, Source Music apologized for the leak in a statement addressing various issues with the refund process, stating that their refund method was complicated and unreasonable. And now, after being fined by the PIPC, Source Music keeps suffering from angry fans’ discussions:

  • The company will have to pay the price for the rest of their lives.
  • Sincerely wish the company a turbulent life with constant market failures.
  • 3 million won is just a small amount of money compared to what GFRIEND has brought to the company. Although the fine is not too heavy, publicly posting the fine news like this is also somewhat comforting.
  • Suddenly worry about the upcoming debut group. 
  • Is it because of the member Sakura of the new group that Source Music let GFRIEND go? 
  • Wish your company a terrible life.
  • Wish the company owns a lot of flop groups. 

LE SSERAFIM, the new girl group of HYBE and Source Music, is also “hated” by the public because of the company’s mistakes in the past.

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