Jang Won-young, restless beauty even on the plane: “She’s getting prettier”

Jang Won-young shared a selfie full of beauty.

On the afternoon of May 14th, Jang Won-young posted several photos on her Instagram with the caption “Me ready for the flight.” In the photo, Jang Won-young matched her shirt with a sky blue cardigan and a black jumper while showcasing a charming expression on her face toward the camera.

Jang Won-young, who is 173 centimeters tall, also uploaded a photo showing off her ultra-fine body. The netizens are impressed by her long legs and waist so small that seem to be enough to hold with just one hand.


Jang Won-young caught the attention of fans with a pose that emphasized her waistline and leg line while showing off her doll-like appearance. Fans responded, “Won-young’s beauty works hard even on the plane,” and “Jang Won-young is getting prettier.”


Meanwhile, IVE, which includes Jang Won-young, made a comeback with their second single “LOVE DIVE” and received great love for their music activities.


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