Lee Byung-hun asks Kim Woo-bin, “Isn’t Shin Min-ah pretty?” (Our Blues)

Lee Byung-hun told Kim Woo-bin about Shin Min-ah.

On the May 14th broadcast of tvN’s “Our Blues”, Lee Dong-seok (Lee Byung-hun) began to fix the house site that Min Seon-ah (Shin Min-ah) was taking care of after Min Seon-ah left for Seoul.


Park Jeong-joon (Kim Woo-bin) helped Lee Dong-seok. Lee Dong-seok brought up the story of Min Seon-ah to Park Jeong-joon and explained, “The name of the woman you saved from the sea is Min Seon-ah. A kid who came to my neighborhood for a while then transferred to another school.”


Park Jeong-joon told Lee Dong-seok “If you don’t want to talk, you don’t have to”, but Lee Dong-seok said he wanted to. Then he asked, “Isn’t she pretty?” Park Jeong-joon smilingly replied, “She’s pretty.”


In particular, Lee Dong-seok noticed that Lee Young-ok (Han Ji-min) and Park Jeong-joon were dating and asked, “Did you two sleep with each other?” Park Jeong-joon answered, “Not yet.” Lee Dong-seok laughed and said, “We are in very spiritual relationships.”


Lee Dong-seok also confessed that he would wait for Min Seon-ah, saying, “There’s nothing different between living like this and waiting. But thinking that I’m waiting for her makes me feel strangely good. It’s not bad.”


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