The Korea Appraisal Institute of Luxury Goods’ investigation on FreeZia’s items: “Not all of them are fake”

YouTuber Song Ji-ah (FreeZia), who stopped her activities due to controversy over wearing fake items, conducted a full investigation through the Korea Appraisal Institute of Luxury Goods.

On Jan 29th, Dispatch reported that some of the 500 items Song Ji-ah wore while filming 237 videos over the past 2 years are fake, but not all of them. Song Ji-ah presented letters of warranty and receipts to verify the authenticity, and Dispatch said these items were sent to the Appraisal Institute of Luxury Goods.

Among the controversial products, Chanel Classic flap bag, Louis Vuitton sneakers, Rolex Lady-Datejust, Chanel wool scarf, Moncler padding, Louis Vuitton padding and dress, Chanel boy bag (red), Louis Vuitton rings and bracelets turned out to be genuine.

The Korea Appraisal Institute of Luxury Goods' investigation on FreeZia's items

Earlier, some netizens pointed out that the Louis Vuitton sneakers presented by Song Ji-ah to her parents are the fake version of the limited edition in France because of some different details. However, the product Song Ji-ah purchased was a “Rainbow Prism,” which was different from the product claimed by netizens, and she also had a purchase receipt. 

In the case of the Rolex watch, Song Ji-ah said purchased it at Lotte Department Store’s Jamsil branch in 2019 by transferring 15.52 million won from her account and paid the rest with gift cards. The Korea Appraisal Institute of Luxury Goods also confirmed that the watch was authentic, saying there was no suspicion of forgery of its warranty card. 

The Korea Appraisal Institute of Luxury Goods' investigation on FreeZia's items
Freezia’s Chanel bag, Chanel scarf, and Louis Vuitton sneakers presented to her parents are known to be authentic. /Photo = Online community

However, her Chanel pink knitwear, Dior pink tube top, Van Cleef Eiffel earrings and necklaces, Chanel crop tshirt, Lady Dior medium pink, Dior Oblique saddle handbag, and Marine Serre dress were indeed fake. Song Ji-ah apologized for wearing clothes that she knew were fake on “Single’s Inferno”, saying, “I was not aware of copy products”, adding, “I was such a fool”.

Regarding the Dior tube top, which she received as a gift from the CEO of the brand for which she worked as a part-time model in the past, she explained that she didn’t notice the product was a fake one although it was obvious that the “r” in Dior logo was missing.

The Korea Appraisal Institute of Luxury Goods' investigation on FreeZia's items

Song Ji-ah apologized, saying, “I’m an ESTP, so I’m quite clumsy”, adding, “I thought looking pretty was everything I need”. Expressing her feelings through a media report, she said, “I did everything myself, so no excuse is needed. I only want to say sorry to many people who have felt betrayed by my actions.”

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