Special Appearances in Popular 2023 K-Dramas That Make Viewers Cheer 

These K-drama special appearances are no less fun than the official cast.

In the recently concluded “Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938,” the female lead of “Tale of the Nine Tailed” season 1, Jo Bo Ah, made a surprise appearance, garnering cheers from many viewers. 

Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938

“Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938” is season 2 of the fantasy action historical drama that aired in 2020, following Lee Yeon (Lee Dong Wook), a nine-tailed fox who crash-landed in the chaotic era of 1938 and strives to return to the present day.

In the 2020 drama “Tale of the Nine Tailed,” Lee Yeon and Nam Ji Ah (Jo Bo Ah) had a happy ending with their wedding, but in “Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938,” when Lee Yeon suddenly crash-lands in 1938, the couple is separated. Therefore, the possibility of Lee Dong Wook reuniting with Jo Bo Ah became a key point of interest in “Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938.”

In “Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938,” numerous flashback scenes appear throughout the drama. Jo Bo Ah’s appearance was necessary, and the actress also agreed to a special appearance because of how much she loves the drama. She devoted a considerable amount of time to filming, to the point where there were comments like “Isn’t this just like a regular role?” 

Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938

Recently, Moon Ga Young also boasted her loyalty by making a special appearance in tvN’s drama “Delightfully Deceitful.” “Delightfully Deceitful” is a thrilling crime drama about a con artist and an empathetic lawyer, two completely different individuals, teaming up to seek revenge against absolute evil. 

Moon Ga Young played Min Kang Yoon, a high-ranking figure in a major company who decides the outcome of a mission planned by Lee Ro Woom (Chun Woo Hee) and Han Moo Young (Kim Dong Wook).

With her elegant visuals, Moon Ga Young captivated everyone’s attention from the moment she appeared. She used German to engage in conversations with acquaintances at a social gathering, impressing viewers. Moon Ga Young flawlessly portrayed Min Kang Yoon, a captivating and charismatic character.

Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938

Moon Ga Young’s special appearance in “Delightfully Deceitful” was a result of her connection with director Lee Soo Hyun, who directed the drama “Find Me in Your Memory.” She also reunited with Kim Dong Wook, her co-star in “Find Me in Your Memory.” 

Pyo Ye Jin, who previously led the successful SBS’s series “Taxi Driver,” appeared as a special guest in SBS’s drama “Revenant,” which recently premiered, adding impact to the drama. She played an influencer who became a victim of a ghost. With her unexpected acting twist, she created another turning point in the drama and increased the immersion for viewers.

Pyo Ye Jin’s special appearance in “Revenant” is also attributed to her connection with director Lee Jung Rim, with whom she had worked on the drama “VIP.” The reunion between the actress and director created a surprising gift for drama fans.

Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938

tvN’s drama “See You in My 19th Life” also features special guest appearances. “See You in My 19th Life” is a reincarnation romance where Ban Ji Eum (Shin Hae Sun), who remembers her past lives, seeks out Moon Soo Ha (Ahn Bo Hyun).

Lee Bo Young made a special appearance in “See You in My 19th Life” as the mother of young Moon Soo Ha (Jung Hyun Joon). She plays Sang Ah, the CEO of MI Hotel, who has both wealth and beauty but suffers from a terminal illness. 

Despite her brief appearance, Lee Bo Young expressed the agony of a mother deeply concerned about her son as he will be left alone after she is gone due to the limited time left with her illness. She portrayed the mother’s anguish with great detail. 

Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938

Lee Bo Young agreed to make a special appearance in this drama through her connection with director Lee Na Jung of “Mine.” 

“See You in My 19th Life” also has other special cameos. Recently, Chae Jong Hyeop attracted attention by transforming into Bok Dong Yi, the 16th life of Ban Ji Eum. Bok Dong Yi is a character who lived as a rickshaw puller during the Japanese colonial era, dreaming of living happily with his loved one. 

Chae Jong Hyeop’s agency said, “There is no personal connection. He received the offer and accepted it with gratitude.” In particular, a still cut was recently released showing Chae Jong Hyeop holding a bouquet, walking the streets and gripping someone while shedding tears. This scene has not been aired yet, so Chae Jong Hyeop’s narrative is yet to unfold, raising expectations for his future performance.

Source: daum. 

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